From our original Basque cuisine, we have created new gastronomic projects with a common denominator, a sincere, authentic, product-based cuisine. We open our kitchen doors to you.

Our deeply rooted cuisines

The Basque ‘txoko’ culture and grandmother’s recipes

Grill, fresh produce and a table to share

The cuisine of Cantabrian and Basque ports

A Basque tavern for sharing wines and appetisers fresh from the market

Culture and gastronomy in Barcelona’s Basque House

Since 1933, the place to be in the island

Traditional Catalan recipes updated

Rices and fish from the market grilled right by the sea

Pre-Hispanic Mexican cuisine by Joan Bagur

The best wines in Oporto paired with Douro’s regional cuisine

From the land to the table, to eat with your fingers

All pork from snout to tail

A local winery with quality wines and preserves

SAGARDI’s deeply rooted cuisine at your event

A contemporary guest house on the wine route of the Penedés

Tailor-made wine, a true reflection of our origins

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