As every year at this period comes the gala of our TXAPELDUN OF THE YEAR 2018 award celebrated in our restaurant 1881 per SAGARDI in Barcelona, the time to celebrate with our most outstanding friends of the year.

In this edition, the seventh, our jury formed by all the Txapeldun of previous years: Mikel Urmeneta, Jordi Évole, Andreu Buenafuente, Karra Elejalde, Jon Sistiaga, Juan Mari Arzak, and me, have agreed that the TXAPELDUN OF THE YEAR 2018 falls will be the city of DONOSTIA.

We believe that this wonderful Basque city has all the characteristics of a good Txapeldun: cosmopolitan, innovative, authentic, with character, originality and a little bit of madness. A city that thanks to the brave vision, search for new paths, precisely not the usual ones, and the creativity of its people has probably become the gastronomic capital of the world.

Eneko Goia, mayor of the city, Elena Arzak, chef and creator, Joserra Mendizabal, president of Gaztelubide, the gastronomic society of Donostia, Xabier Agote and Erme Pedroso, in charge of the Albaola Foundation – “La Factoría Marítima Vasca”, and our friend and collaborator Imanol Jaka, the great ambassador of the Basque Txuleton culture, picked up the award on behalf of the city of Donostia.


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Full video of the award ceremony: