When Spring time comes it’s a great moment for one of these products that makes us different, the fresh asparagus from Tudela. In our Navarra orchards the first asparagus of the season have started to come, an authentic treasure from the Basque gastronomy that you can enjoy in our new spring menu.

Luís Oses, our friend and supplier, takes care of this wonderful product that rises in the fertile Navarra lands since many generations ago. A product with the best quality which needs many man-work because its delicate conditions and for being a 100% season product.



According Luís confirmation, this season we can enjoy an excellent asparagus because of the accumulated humidity in the last months.

Tudela’s asparagus need strong contrasts, nocturne cold and day heat, for getting the product that we serve in our restaurants, a fresh and totally tender asparagus that can almost break.

The asparagus located in the Geographical Protected Indication “Espárrago de Navarra”, has a white coloration, soft texture, with a low or null fibrosity and a perfect balance between the softness of its bitternes in the palate, fundamentally because of the cold nights in the zone, the water quality and cultivation systems made for its obtaining.


The orchard’s pick-up it’s made every day until the mid or end of June, just when the spikes are showing and the product it’s in the best point.

The secret for getting a unique product is the close relationship with the producer, without intermediaries, and the product freshness, because the product it’s available in our restaurant a few hours after it’s being recollected.

We prepared it in the most respectful way: peeled by hand, scalded at the moment and softly tempered in our grill. A sincere dish, without complications and with the product as great and unique main character. Authentic root cuisine.