Autumn arrives at SAGARDI full of great seasonal products, from the producer to the table. “Beltza” Mushrooms from the Gipuzkoa and Navarre forests, wild mushrooms from the Pyrenees, the mythical “alubia” from Tolosa or the delicious piquillo pepper from Tudela. Delights of autumn to enjoy with the best Basque lifelong recipes.

One of the great protagonists of the season of the “beltza” mushrooms, that year after year they are waiting for fiercely in the Basque Country. A mushroom with a powerful taste and a dark brown color very characteristic. Collected from the hay forests of Gipuzkoa and Navarra, a humid and prolific area in these wonderful wild foods. We prepare them in a simple way to preserve all their original flavors, with a simple sauteed with free-range egg yolk.


Another of the great products on Autumn menu are the “piquillo” peppers that arrive to us from the gardens of Tudela. We roast them with wood and peel them by hand, one by one. An authentic Basque delicacy and the perfect complement to our classic Basque txuleton.

From the gardens of Hernani, our lettuce producer, Juan Joxe Elola, brings us the fantastic Basque pumpkins, ideal for purees and creams. With them, we prepare our Cream of butternut squash with pork jowl confit.


Finally, one of the great products of these dates is the “new” black bean from Tolosa, coming from the farmhouse of Goikoetxe in Herialde. It is a dark purple, almost black, oval shaped bean, which stands out for its fineness of skin, buttery and excellent taste. It is cultivated in small plots distributed by Gipuzkoa and different hamlets of the valley of Tolosaldea, being Tolosa the place where they are selected for packaging and distribution.