It is undoubtedly an essential dish in all our tables during these months, the Farmhouse Tomatoes. A direct produce from the garden to the plate.

The recipe is simple and have no secrets, ripe tomatoes of different varieties, fresh chilli and a splash of oil and salt. But behind this dish  is the work in our own gardens.

The farmhouse tomatoes come from Sagardi’s gardens, without intermediaries, matured and collected at their peak so they can be presented with maximum expression on the tables at our restaurant.

The varieties that we work with are from a selection of seeds until obtaining well-differentiated specimens with very specific characteristics. They are seeds that we have been working for a long time and that are recovering little by little. Unproductive, but with exceptional organoleptic characteristics.

Every week, these come to our restaurant under different varieties , old time varieties, pure and transgenic free. They are never the same, because they vary according to what the garden dictates.

Tasty, meaty, sweet, like old times tomatoes. A fresh dish that combines perfectly with any of our dishes.