Two Basques were scaling the mountains looking for mushrooms when suddenly one of them found a gold Rolex on the ground, sharing the discovery with joy to his friend, he reacted angrily, “Patxi, let’s see if we can focus, are we here for mushrooms or Rolex’s?”

Sneaking into our kitchens from this month are the famous Tolosa Black Beans, Roasted & Hand-Peeled “Piquillo” Peppers, and “Beltza” Mushrooms.

Discover the seasonal wild mushrooms that come to us directly from the mountains:

Other seasonal delicacies that we are bringing to your table include:

  • Piquillo Peppers

Coming to us from the orchards of Tudela, we grill them over firewood before peeling them by hand, one by one. A gastronomic treasure and the perfect complement to our classic Basque txuleton.

  • “New” Tolosa Black Beans  

From the Goikoetxe farmhouse in Herialde, these delicate beans are dark purple in colour (almost black) and oval in shape. They stand out for their fine skin and excellent buttery flavour. They´re grown in small plots around Gipuzkoa and surrounding villages in the Tolosaldea valley. Tolosa is where they are selected for packaging and distribution, and it is here where the best is selected to serve as seed for the following season. Simply certifying the quality and continuity of this unique product.