Fat Thursday will kick off on 28 February with the 1st Pork Gastronomic Season at our own culinary temple of the pig, el PORK… boig per tu.

Until 17 March, you can enjoy the special tasting menu that Oriol Rovira and Iñaki Lz. De Viñaspre are painstakingly developing. A true festival of pork to celebrate this animal we love so much, from nose to tail.

This tasting menu will be a fantastic tribute to cocina de matanza, with dishes traditionally made after the pig slaughter this time of year throughout Catalonia. Historical dishes focusing on pigs raised in Berguedà by the Rovira brothers on their farm. Top-quality produce, like pork used to be, natural and delicious.

With our i-Rational oven centre stage, prepare to enjoy a great meal starring pork and Catalan country food. Tradition, flavour and history in a very special set menu.