Influenced by the Tramontane winds, Cadaqués offers a culinary immersion in the thousand-year-old cuisine of the Mediterranean in one of the most dynamic spots in the city.

For centuries, the magic of Cadaqués has attracted the most important cultures in the Mediterranean, as well as renowned artists in search of inspiration and wild dreams. We pay tribute to all of them, all of those cultures and that madness that have grown and lived between the sea and the mountains, between the wind and the waves, making this specific spot the Cadaqués we know today.

And we’re doing it with what we like best and what we do best: authentic Mediterranean food, based on respect for the produce, with surf and turf centre stage, and, always, with the mysticism of fire.

At Cadaqués, we’ve developed a new culinary concept based on the world of rice dishes and Mediterranean culture. Sea, mountains and gardens blend together in a new space that is committed to traditional recipes, local produce and a ground-breaking format.

Rice cooked with the power and aroma of our selected woods, fish and seafood fresh from the docks, great dishes that are the legacy passed down from fishing cultures… In a modern environment, evocative of Mediterranean fishing villages, but elegant and with the rumble of the bay of Cadaqués in the background.

The fire is an essential part of Cadaqués cuisine, a great rice grill that you can catch a glimpse of from the outside, to cook rice over a fire fuelled by wood and vine shoots, without gas or oven, the only one of its kind in the town. The only technology is the grillers’ know-how and the utmost respect for quality produce. Village cuisine, like it used to be done.

Our first stop is Barcelona, in the seafaring heart of El Born, and soon the Cadaqués project will also be disembarking in Madrid, in the Salamanca neighbourhood. And from there, we’ll set off to conquer the world.


CADAQUÉS Barcelona
Reina Cristina, 6
08003 Barcelona
Tel.: (+34) 93 268 70 33