In Basque, TXAPELDUN means one who wears the txapela (beret).In a nation of born betters and gamblers, the champion has always worn the txapela.Regardless of whether it is tug-of-war, rowing, wood-chopping, cards or the celebrated "a que no hay...", the winner has always been the txapeldun. The way we see it, at SAGARDI, the TXAPELDUN is our client and our friend,the one who comes to see us often, but also the one who has to put up with our imperfections at times.

In the likeness and image of Basque culinary societies, where the kitchen is a means and excuse for assembling a club of friends who share the same vision and hedonistic sense of life, the Club TXAPELDUN is our gathering place.

With more than 2,000 members, the Club Txapeldun is a shared platform of communication and a meeting point of culinary experiences and privileges for all our good clients and friends, both now and in the future

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