Taking advantage of the recent celebration of the 25 years of SAGARDI Group, and in view of all the challenges and international projects that we have to face, we decided to gather our team in a trip to the Basque Country. The goal was to continue improving in the dynamics of teamwork and to soak up the Basque gastronomic culture; knowing better how those artisan producers work who make it possible for the authentic products of extraordinary quality to reach our kitchens.

The first stop was the facilities of our “txapeldunes” from Orio Arraunketa Elkartea, who have won everything this last season, and we were lucky enough to hear the motivating words of their coach Jon Alsamendi. Who explained to us that in the teams of “traineras” rowboats, like in our kitchens, the talent and hard work are fundamental, but not enough to win. Cohesion, coordination and teamwork are the key to give value to each member individual work.

We also visited the temple of cider, the house of our supplier and great friend Miguel Zapiain, who invited us to enjoy the experience of the “txotx” among “kupelas”, with the wonderful Astigarraga Special Menu: fried “txistorra”, Roxario style codfish omelette, fried cider house cod, old cow “txuleta”, and of course, Basque artisan cheeses. Exactly the same as you can enjoy in our restaurants.

Finally, we went to Zarautz to meet two great friends we met more than 25 years ago: the renowned master butcher Kepa Loidi, in charge of making the wonderful “txistorras” that we serve at Sagardi; and Bixente Eizaguirre, founder of the Talai-Berri winery; with whom we shared a lunch and toasted this whole tour together.

It was undoubtedly a wonderful experience to know the roots of our cuisine and to return with the desire to bring all these stories and flavours to your table.

On egin!