Past 13th and 14th November in Barcelona and Madrid, we gave the kick-off to the of our traditional 14th Txuleton Gastronomic Season with the “Dialogues in front of the grill”. It was the space for debate, without prejudices between two different grill cultures with an expert in matured beef, Richard Turner, the Meatopia UK founder and our chef Iñaki Lz de Viñaspre and our butcher Imanol Jaca. In this video we share some of their interesting reflections.

Diálogos frente a la parrilla

A debate and exchange of views, about the cultural and gastronomic aspects that surround and define the Txuleton Gastronomic Season.

The culinary culture is perhaps the most important aspect in people’s lives and clearly it changes, is defined, and enriched by getting in touch with other cultures.

It was a great talk about meat, good meat, analyzing the new trends of ageing or the beef or cow dilemma.