After the Christmas holidays, as is traditional, the new winter menu arrives at SAGARDI. It is undoubtedly the greatest of the year to enjoy the Basque winter garden: artichokes, Swiss chard, cardoon and borage. A combination of exceptional vegetables, direct from the garden to the table. They are the queens of the season.

From our vegetable garden in Tudela, we receive the freshest vegetables every day, grown with care and totally free of GMOs. Organic farming and own gardens, the key to obtain a fresh and tasty product, that we cook with simplicity, as it has always been done in the traditional restaurants of the Navarrese riverside.

A product that arrives at the table directly from the producer, without intermediaries. At its right point of cooking to preserve all its flavor, virgin olive oil, salt and nothing more.

It’s also time for the “new” black bean from Tolosa, coming from the farmhouse of Goikoetxe in Herialde. It is a dark purple, almost black, oval shaped bean, which stands out for its fineness of skin, buttery and excellent taste. It is cultivated in small plots distributed by Gipuzkoa and different hamlets of the valley of Tolosaldea, being Tolosa the place where they are selected for packaging and distribution.