Spring is here, and this means that those wonderful products from the Basque vegetable gardens and sea appear on our tables: Tudela asparagus, fresh peas and Atlantic mackerel from Hondarribia. Fish and vegetables in a state of grace that make us happy from the very first mouthful.

One of the products that our clients and friends await the most eagerly is fresh Tudela asparagus. The first asparagus of the season, a true treasure of Basque cuisine, has begun to emerge in our gardens in Navarra and soon you will be able to savour them on our menus.

Luís Oses, our friend and supplier, cares for and nurtures this wonderful product which has sprung from the fertile soil of Navarra for generations. It is a premium-quality product that requires a great deal of care, since it is delicate and 100% seasonal.

We prepare it as respectfully as possible: hand-peeled, briefly blanched and gently heated on our grill. It is an honest dish, without any complications and with the product as the one and only star: true roots cooking.

Another seasonal product that you can’t miss are the fresh peas from our own garden, which we serve with thinly-sliced pure acorn-fed ham jowl, an infallible combination. We can also savour the peas accompanied by baby fava beans, artichokes and chard, in a dish that is a nod to Basque produce.

Another must is peppers from Gernika, which are ideal either as an appetiser or served on the side of our classic txuleton.

Season fish fresh off the boat

Our supplier in Hondarribia brings us an extraordinary Atlantic mackerel which we marinade briefly with a delicious vinaigrette, a virtuoso dish.

And we can’t forget a great classic from Basque cuisine, marmitako, which we prepare in the style of the old Basque fishermen. On egin!