The Karapaixo is a very special bread cake that traditionally the godmothers give to their godchildren during Lent.

What is most striking about the Karaipaxo is its triangular shape and the fact that it has an egg embedded in each end. It is typical of the Alto Deba – Debagoiena region and traditionally the godmothers give it to their godchildren during Lent until their wedding day. Although in its origin, before Romanization, it was an offering to celebrate the beginning of spring.

Nowadays, the Karapaixo usually has a chorizo sausage inside, and even sweet versions are made with chocolate eggs in the region’s bakeries.
As a good traditional gastronomic product, Karapaixo has its own celebration, it is the Karapaixo Eguna that is celebrated on March 21st in Arrasate / Mondragón.

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