The best smoked cheese in the world! We take advantage of the recent distinction awarded by the prestigious World Cheese Awards to a shepherd cheese with Denomination of Origin Idiazabal to learn more about this product that has been producing in Euskadi for thousands of years.

The Idiazabal cheese is a high quality natural product with a recognized value, declared European Gastronomic Heritage in 1992. The Denomination of Origin Idiazabal guarantees that it is a cured cheese with a minimum maturation of two months, made from raw milk of Latxa and Carranzana sheep, and with a curdling of animal origin by a pressing process. It can be presented smoked or not, according to the gastronomic tradition of the different valleys.


In addition, the distinctive “Artzai Gazta” guarantees that the cheese comes from small family productions where the whole process is carried out: from the handling and care of the herd, through the milking and processing of the cheese, until its placing on the market under the label Cheese of Pastor-Artzai Gazta. The result is a cheese of exquisite quality.

To learn more about the peculiarities of these cheeses and taste their different nuances, you can go to Goierri and visit the Idiazabal Cheese Interpretation Centre.


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