Sagardi Group has been rewarded to its internationalization by the National Hotel Industry Awards 2019, that last 13th November celebrated their 13th edition in Auditorio Mutua Madrileña in Madrid. According to the jury, the Group “has been consolidated through these years as a role model  of recognised prestige in the hotel industry and with more than 25 years of experience, Sagardi Group is nowadays a project in full international expansion with presence in Oporto, Mexico, Buenos Aires and London”.

With more than 30 restaurants in 10 cities of six different countries, Sagardi Group continues with its expansion plans at the international level with the opening of new restaurants, such as the recently opened Sagardi Oporto, or Sagardi Amsterdam, which is opening during the next months. Besides, the Group has planned new openings in Madrid, Barcelona, Miami or Paris. With each new local, the Group has achieved to transmit the richness of the Basque culture and its cuisine, as well as its commitment with the tradition and the quality of the product of proximity.

“This award is a very special recognition for all of us: firstly, because it reminds us to the importance of the effort and the good work, and secondly, it encourages us to continue growing without ever losing the quality of the product that characterises us and in which we truly believe. This year we celebrate 25 years since my brother and I opened our first restaurant in Barcelona and now, 30 restaurants after, we can affirm that we are ambassadors of the Basque cuisine in six countries around the world and we are committed to continue growing”, explained Iñaki López de Viñaspre, president and chef of Sagardi Group.

López de Viñaspre received the award in a ceremony celebrated in Madrid and in which a total of 16 companies from the hospitality sector in Spain were also awarded in different categories. Hostelería de España, a business organization promoting the awards, underlines that the aim of the prizes is to point out the value of the work that the hospitality sector does and its contribution to the economic development of the country, as well as recognise those initiatives that are an evident example and model to follow for the rest of the companies in the sector.

A year of celebrations for Sagardi Group

2019 has been a year of celebrations for Sagardi Group, because this year turns 25 years old, since 1994 when they opened their first restaurant, IRATI, in the historical centre of Barcelona. Since then, and with the following creation of Sagardi Group, the company has worked to get back the traditional Basque cuisine, the one that is served in the cider bars and taverns of small towns, in order to export it around the world with a quality, solid and authentic proposal.

Sagardi Group is a strategical partner of the Product Club of Euskadi Gastronomika of Basquetour, the Basque Agency of Tourism, and it has agreements with Basque artisanal producers in order to offer in the restaurants the best products from the Basque Country. Following this strategy, the group achives to offer a great quality product obtained through proximity Basque producers without intermediaries.

This year, the Group has also been awarded for its trajectory in the Hot Concepts Awards 2019, one of the most prestigious awards in the hospitality industry.