The piparra or chilli from Ibarra is an autochthonous variety that is mainly produced in Gipuzkoa, taking its name from a small town in Gipuzkoa located next to Tolosa

It is a seasonal product that we can find in stores and markets from June to Novembre, sometimes lasting until mid-October. For optimum quality, it must be grown at an altitude of less than 450 meters, with mild temperatures and a high degree of humidity and rainfall. This quality is guaranteed in the Ibarra chillies that have the Eusko Label seal, both the fresh piparra and its canned version.

Its fine skin, tender texture and smooth flavor makes it an increasingly appreciated product. In fact they are also popularly known as “elvers or prawns from Ibarra.

It is a product that offers many culinary possibilities. Fresh seasonal piparra is usually eaten sautéed with a little salt, as an aperitif, either alone or with salted products such as anchovies, or as a garnish for grilled meat and fish. Pickles are ideal to accompany stews and legumes, or to prepare pintxos like the famous “gildas”.

By Euskadi Gastronomika