Autumn is coming which marks the start of harvest for Euskadi, a moment that is held with great fondness in the towns of Rioja Alavesa. The grape has already reached its optimum point of maturation and the entire region turns to its collection, the production of a new vintage that is expected to be of recurrent quality. There is an ancient tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation where the “Rioja Alavesa Wine Route” becomes available to visitors who want to experience the taste first-hand.

In other Basque wine regions this time is also lived with great expectation. In particular, the areas where the appreciated Txakoli is made, a young, fresh, fruity wine with a slight acidity that is obtained from the indigenous variety Hondarribi zuri. Its vineyards are located in areas of great scenic beauty, in some cases located on slopes watered by the Cantabrian breeze, where you can also enjoy activities and food & wine experiences in front of the sea.


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