The chef Joan Bagur, always halfway between México and Barcelona, has renewed recently the menu from OAXACA Cuina Mexicana  with new ideas and products brought from México. Popular dishes of the Mexican Cuisine accurate to the tradition but with a new staging which is updated and modern. Sopes, aguachiles, “Tikin Xic” from the Mayan cuisine, chapulines and Chicatana ants or the classic corn cake with rompope are some of the main characters of the recent change of menu.

Chicharrón Sopes and Pulpo Adobado

The name Sope comes from the fact that it is a kind of wider tortilla with the circumference edges like a small flange that you get pinching with your fingertips, (Sope refers to this action).

It’s about a very popular dish in México that we prepare in OAXACA Cuina Mexicana with “chicharrón prensado” and octopus in adobo (chilli marinated sauce), a very tasty sea-and-land dish.

Aguachile de mango, pescado de lonja, plátano macho, chamoy y habanero

Inspired in the way that people eats mango in Mexico: Lime, chili and salt. We marinate the rasher fish in lime juice and salt, mixing with red aguachile, mango pulp and spring onion. A gorgeous plate, the mango ice-cream helps cooling the dish, the “platano macho” contribute to the texture and it gives to the ensemble a very special and very refreshing flavor.

Vuelve a la vida de camarones, pescado de lonja, pulpo, cangrejo y ostra

Come back again to the menu one of  OAXACA greatest dishes, the “Vuelve a la Vida” that we prepare it like in the coasts of Veracruz but with the best fish and seafood from Barcelona’s port. Oysters, octopus, crab, shrimp, fresh fish, beer and “bruja” sauce combined in a revitalizing plate.

Chapulines de Oaxaca y Hormiga chicatana

We are in the Chicatana ant season, a very popular product in Mexico. Joan Bagur has been brought to complement the menu of OAXACA. Recollected one by one, they are one of the most appreciated insects in Mexico, these ants have an intense taste of coffee and toasted cacao.

On the other hand, the “chapulines” we bring them from Oaxaca, from a small trustful supplier, and we prepare it here in Barcelona in the traditional way: sauteed in olive oil with spring onion, green chili and fresh Epazote.

Ensalada de quesillo, nopales, tomates y quelites sobre pesto verde de acuyo y pepitas de calabaza

With the arrival of the spring our Mexican orchard in Barcelona, (one of the first in Europe), reborn and it contributes fresh products to prepare our dishes.

In tribute to these products, we prepare a very fresh salad with very Mexican flavors. Tomato and green tomato from our orchard, fresh nopales, seasonal quelites, verdolaga, quintonil and pumpkin flower, all of these dressed with our personal Mexican pesto, and crowned with Oaxaca cheese that we have been developing here for more than a year with small products from the Cerdanya.


Gambas al fuego de mezcal en molcajete

One of our most spectacular dishes: Red prawns from the Lodge of Barcelona that we grill and finish in the table with a “molcajete”, flaming them in front of the client with mezcal. A whole show!

Torta de oro con helado de pinole de maíz azul y rompope

Corn is the base of food in Mexico, for that reason, it could not miss in the dessert. Joan Bagur recovers one of the most popular cakes in Mexico, the Golden Cake / Corn Cake. We prepare it in the same way, with fresh corn, and accompanied with a delicious Pinole ice-cream and a final sprinkle with Rompope (eggnog), right in your table.