The authentic products, straight from the producer to the table are the main characters of the new Summer menu at Sagardi.

Green Ibarra chilli peppers, farmhouse tomatoes, white tuna from Bermeo, unique hake ‘kokotxas’ are just some of our traditional dishes from the Basque cuisine this summer, not forgetting ‘Txangurro’ where we hedge our bets.

The green Ibarra chilli peppers are the true star in the Basque gardens, a wonder that the Basque people await every summer as a gastronomic treasure. These come from our own gardens and are collected before they reach the 12 cm so they can retain all their tenderness.

Green Ibarra chilli peppers are served pan fried and seasoned with salt, becoming the favourite starter for these months and match very well with a farmhouse tomato salad.



The farmhouse tomatoes come from Sagardi’s gardens, without intermediaries, matured and collected at their peak so they can be presented with maximum expression on the tables at our restaurant. Every week, these come to our restaurant under different varieties including ‘meta de cabra’, ‘cor de bou’, ‘negre de Gisclareny’, ‘pare Benet’, ‘rosa de mura’ and tomato cherry. Old time varieties, pure and transgenic free.



Another product that arrives at Sagardi´s tables this summer are the hake ‘kokotxas’ from Hondarribia. Selected directly from the fishing boat from hake from at least 4 kg, these are one of the biggest delis of the Basque cuisine which are really difficult to find out of the Basque Country. Grilled in our charcoal grill we retain all its natural flavours and gelatininess following the Basque method which uses minimal manipulation.



Also from the Basque coasts one of the greatest dishes of sailor Basque cuisine. Donostia style ‘txangurro’ is a truly traditional stew from the Basque societies which is prepared with spider crab meat, its coral and a vegetable stew, to be finally oven baked with bread crumbs and served in its own shell.