SAGARDI Basque Country Chefs, is back at one of our favourite festivals, the prestigious carnivorous Meatopia festival held in London. But this year for the first time, it is welcoming guest chef Joan Bagur and Oaxaca Cuina Mexicana.

The Meatopia festival is unquestionably one of the most important events in the world for meat lovers. Over the course of 3 days, from 30 August to 1 September, the best grillers in the world, including Mikel López de Viñaspre from SAGARDI and Joan Bagur from Oaxaca Cuina Mexicana, will converge on London’s Tobacco Dock.

Joan Bagur will offer a special presentation of one of Oaxaca Cuina Mexicana’s top classics, cochinita pibil (slow-roasted pork) in the Cutting Room venue. It will be roasted during the festival in a custom-made oven following the traditional Mexican method.

This is a unique chance to share with the world Oaxaca Cuina Mexicana’s mythical cochinita pibil taco, roasted over live coals as tradition requires. We’ll also take our handmade nixtamalised corn tortillas and the traditional xnipec salsa.

And of course, the legendary SAGARDI Basque Country Chefs Basque grill will be at the event, where our txuletones (steaks) delight English meat lovers year in and year out. Almost 350 kg of meat will be roasted in the SAGARDI style, and cutting and grilling them to show the world SAGARDI’s txuletones will be pure showbusiness.

An amazing carnivorous festival you just can’t miss!

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