SAGÀS Pagesos i Cuiners it’s already a classic in the world of gourmet sandwiches, that’s why often we renew our entrepans hand in hand with our chef, Oriol Rovira.

Oriol proposes a new gastronomic journey to turn around the best international dishes in street food format.

Let’s start the journey at Sagàs with a Home raised Cal Rovira’s breaded chicken (like those of yesteryear), we continue for a traditional stew, with meatballs and the peas (like those of a lifetime) in a delicious brioix bread.

We moved to the Basque Country coasts to enjoy a fresh and full of flavor sandwich, with a pickled mackerel from the port of Bermeo, and from here, the eastern bouquet from the mitic “Pintxo Moruno” of lamb with its traditional bread and brochettes.

In the middle of this journey we can also enjoy a new festival that comes to us from Belgian lands, the classic mussels with potatoes. Mussels from the Lodge of Barcelona, very close of the restaurant, served in a pot.

With this change of menu we also use to welcome our classic “Agromix” that we prepare now with grilled seasonal vegetables in focaccia.

By last, we can not miss the chance to taste our seasonal desserts, the traditional “bunyols de vent”, fried at the moment.

Bon Appetite!

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