The summer is a time of splendor in the Basque cuisine, and SAGARDI Group likes to take advantage of and show off, with all its wonderful products from the garden and the sea. The tasty farmhouse tomatoes, the mythical green chilli pepper from Ibarra, the traditional bonito fish marmitako, are some of the great protagonists of this season.

The green Ibarra chilli peppers are the true star in the Basque gardens, a wonder that the Basque people await every summer as a gastronomic treasure. These come from our own gardens and are collected before they reach the 12 cm so they can retain all their tenderness.

Green Ibarra chilli peppers are served pan fried, just 30 seconds, and seasoned with salt, becoming the favourite starter for these months.

The farmhouse tomatoes come from Sagardi’s gardens, without intermediaries, matured and collected at their peak so they can be presented with maximum expression on the tables at our restaurant. Every week, these come to our restaurant under different varieties , old time varieties, pure and transgenic free.

Marmitako with “bonito” fish, it is another of the essentials of the seafood cuisine of the Euskadi coasts. A boat stew, simple but full of flavor. “Bonito” fish from the port of Hondarribia of 6 or 8 kilos, potato and vegetables. Simplicity, tradition and seasonal products, the gastronomy from the origins of SAGARDI.

The “Bonito” fish that we serve in our restaurants comes from a traditional fishing tradition, one by one, from the boat Itsas Lagunak (Friends of the Sea), which provides us each season with the best “Bonito del Norte” of the Basque Country.

Another dish that you cannot miss is our dish of seasonal vegetables, with green beans, potatoes and leeks in Bilbao style, all tradition and flavor. And to put a sweet end, nothing better than our new dessert Peach from Tudela roasted with vanilla cream and ice cream Maria Luisa. On egin!