The Basque people are true meat lovers who, for hundreds of years, have enjoyed the ritual of gathering around a grill and a fantastic, red meat txuleton. That is why they celebrate the cooking of such an exceptional animal, and of course, pay it homage every year.

As the wonderful autumn season unfolds, with it comes the Txuleton Gastronomic Season at Sagardi, The Basque Countries annual celebration
of this beloved and culturally important meat.

From 18th Nevember, get ready to enjoy three weeks of gastronomic festival around the Basque Txuleton, the Basque grill and the classic Tolosaldea Menu, with the hand peeled and wood roasted Piquillo Peppers and of course, the simple, yet incredible black beans from Tolosa.



The Txuleton

The quality of the txuletones served on these days only is supreme. The secret to exceptional meat lies in giving the animals totally natural feed and exquisite care from the time they are born. These factors create a marbled, streaky piece of meat covered with a natural layer of fat with aromas of grass and fresh wheat.




This year, during the 15th Txuleton Gastronomic Season, at Sagardi Basque Country Chefs we will be enjoying truly exceptional txuletones, selected specially by Imanol Jaca from Txogitxu. Happy, mature, fat cows that have lived to their last days, ensuring true sustainability. Cows that have been cared for by the last countryfolk for more than 10 years, fed turnips, greens and carrots from their own farm, in addition to their natural grazing. The result is red meat with clean flavours of soil, milk and pastures, that are persistent and keep us coming back for more, without saturating the taste buds. In short, an honourable, natural, healthy product.



Maturation in our meat cellars

This process should be done in a ventilated cold chamber, between 1º and 3º Celsius and 70% humidity. According to my own opinion and the Basque tradition, this period may last between 2 to 5 weeks according to the quality, size and type of fat. This will allow tasting a healthy, clean, animal flavoured meat, along with the flavours of its terroir and its sweet “pastrylike” aromas. All in all, a noble gastronomic product.



The Basque Grill

Over our 25 years of experience, at SAGARDI we have developed an essential tool in our kitchen, the Basque grill. With its own unique design, the Basque grill is a basic element in the Basque Country’s prestigious cuisine, with which we roast our txuletones that can go from 1 to 3 kilos of weight each piece. We roast with noble oak charcoal, to obtain the maximum calorific power, and sea salt to seal the meat and get the confit of the internal fats and juices, as the old Basque grillmasters taught us.



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